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Great food and clean restaurant. We can tasted the quality of the products that they use. Quick and friendly staff. We eat here at least once a week. Thank you Pho Tango!


One of the best noodle spots around perfect amount of noodles and beef. Rec.

- Vi

Had spring rolls, Pad Thai Grilled Salmon, a cold Tsingtao, & caramel flan for dessert. The food was hot & very tasty, the flan very smooth, the Chinese beer was excellent, & the service was as well! Highly recommend them!
- Robert

This is a great place for pho. They also cater to children. I tried the seafood soup and cream puff won tons and was very pleased. I highly recommend this restaurant.
- Meghann

Great place for pho or vegetarian dishes. Nothing beats the pho here though try the wraps as well. Just try to come early during the lunch hour run on the weekdays.
- Chris

This place is awesome, service was relaxed and pleasant. Food came out fast and was spectacular. Recommend the vegetarian pho.
- Aaron

Very good salad rolls, great Thai tea, and really good chicken pho! And pretty nice inside too!
- Janette

One of the only places that I know that actually has vegetarian pho. I LOVE this place because of this. They also have vegetarian salad rolls.
- Sam

We tried Pho Tango for the first time this week and we're pleasantly surprised and impressed by the beautiful decor and fantastic flavor of our meals. My husband LOVED the crispy Salmon. The portion for the price was more than reasonable and free refills on the Thai iced tea. We definitely be going back, time, and, time again.
- Google User

The place is kept clean, nice atmosphere, and the food is amazing. Their thai ice tea is delicious.
- Google User

I love the food at Pho Tango - I have been many times as I work close by, and I have never been disappointed with the is always fresh, always flavorful. I have tried many different items on the menu and have liked everything. I recommend this restaurant to everyone.
- Google User

Fresh, Clean, nice restaurant, good cheap food and nice people running the place. The only bad thing is I go there so much, I'm bored with the food, so I'm going to Koji Japanese at Tanasbourne, but this place is killer good.
- Google User

Really good Vietnamese food! There is a great special where you get two bowls of soup, two drinks, and an appetizer for $20.95.
- Google User

One of the best places for Pho in the Portland metro area. Very fresh and the broth is perfection!
- Google User

I love this place they even have kids size soup..
- Google User

Very good restaurant we eat here every week and always enjoy!
- Google User

I am probably going to have eggs pelted at me for saying this but on a whole I am not a fan of Vietnamese food, out of all the Asian food types this is the least my favorite.

With that being said -- I love this place.

I love Pad Thai, I am a freak when it comes to Pad Thai, I can't control myself when it comes to Pad Thai, and that's why my hips are as wide as Thai Land. I know that this place specializes in Pho, but I love Pad Thai.

Their salad rolls are amazing, my only gripe is their peanut sauce, I wish it were more like Thai Orchid's.

I have become a fan of lemongrass and I love it with pork or chicken. I hadn't had Pho before coming here, and I have to say I like it even though it seems a little weird to me.

I ordered the Lemongrass Honey Pork with Spring roll. I asked them to hold the rice, and give me more vegetables and they did and it was amazing.

The owner's Amy and Chris, and I think Amy's sister in law all came from Happy Panda which was my very first Chinese food experience in Hillsboro, and my all-time favorite place for Chinese food. So my confidence in this place was already high because Amy and Chris run a tight ship and serve great food.

- Marna G.

I've been back to Pho Tango three more times and I'm ready to give it more stars.

It has a nice atmosphere and our service has been really good. We've had the same nice server lady who helps my 11 year old figure out how to get the clear broth and noodles she pines for from the one chicken soup and the pho ga stuff (lime, basil, chicken) next to it. Annoying, right? But its all about avoiding the "onions of death". Onions make the Princess gag. She likes onion flavor but not texture. It's a thing.

Princess likes this soup. She describes it as chickeny but a tiny bit fishy. Delicious!

She had her soup with a Thai iced tea ( she was offered a refill) and contentedly made wacky photoshopped pictures of Grimm characters on her phone while she ate it. (did I mention we had a long day?)

I was pretty out of it. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai and swapped texts with Princess' dad. Really we were pretty rude, I feel bad. The server visited us a lot and we were kinda checked out. But the Pad Thai was delicious. Other non pho things are good here too: maple chicken and fried rice, ( tasted just like my moms), crispy savory orange chicken and brown rice, salad rolls. All pretty tasty.

Tonight the pho, pad Thai, and Thai iced tea were just under $20. I left a big tip because of the soup accomodations and our phone texting rudeness. I will put the phones away next time.

We will be better behaved on future visits ( I think it was the algebra homework that did us in). Ah, parenthood.

This was a good Sunday night dinner place. Quietish. Easy.

- Janet M.

When my friends want to do food challenges, they apparently love doing them in bunches.

The Pho Tango Pho Challenge has about 2-3 pounds of noodles, a pound of meat, and a bunch of delicious beef broth. It's brought out in a large, deep red bowl. Challengers have one hour to eat all the noodles and the beef. The side condiments (sprouts, basil, jalapenos) appear to be optional. Challengers do not have to drink all the broth. You will have to sign a waiver before taking the challenge, which (1) allows your name, likeness, and voice to be used for promotional purposes and (2) relieves the place of liability if something goes wrong.

The challenge is available any day, but must be ordered before 7 p.m.

While my buddies enjoyed their glutton-fest, I had the #10 Pho Special ($9.95) with eye-round steak, well-done flank, brisket, soft tendon, tripe, and meatballs. The slick noodles kept sliding off my chopsticks, but a mere minor setback. Everything was cooked wonderfully. The broth, basically the true test for a good pho, was extremely flavorful and had that soothing, comforting aura.

I probably enjoyed the meatballs the most, followed by the brisket, steak, and flank. Tripe and tendon aren't necessarily at the top of my must-eat list, but screw it, I had to try it for science.

The salad rolls were delicious and fresh. Addicting peanut sauce. Almost tempted to chug that.

This is a solid pho place to hit up.

- Aaron W.

1. I like the pho dac biet here. I like my meat (tai, nam, gau, gan) to be a bit on the softer side and it's definitely soft here.
2. #31 has pretty much everything you need on a Com Tam plate.
3. It's weird that they call Spring Rolls "salad rolls" and Egg rolls "Spring rolls". Tried to correct them once and they said I'm wrong. I'm vietnamese. born and raised.
4. Spring rolls (salad rolls) are pretty decent. They got the sauce right.

- Kevin P.

When I am craving Vietnamese food, I go to Pho Tango! It's by far my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The decor is cute, light, airy and clean! So many Vietnamese restaurants I've been to, seem so dingy...not Pho Tango! I've had their salad rolls, papaya salad, chicken skewers with peanut sauce...but my favorite is the vermicelli noodle bowl with spring roll and either pork or steak! The veggies they top the dish with are fresh and crisp!

I don't frequent Pho Tango as often as I would like. Seems like the only time I go, is when I meet up with former co-workers. The company I used to work for is right around the corner. After a delightful afternoon of catching up with my former co-workers, we vowed to get together more often! Yay, that means I will be at Pho Tango more often! We usually get there at 11:30am, if you get there after 12pm, the place will be packed, no doubt about it!

- Chiemi N.

Hello Pho! You can smell it in the air when you drive near. The perfume of star anise and beef broth riding on the breeze. Just when I think I'll try something different, the smell calls me back. There are several cuts to choose from as you may have gathered but I would go farther to suggest that you have an even greater variety here, including chicken. The chicken broth DOES have some shrimp flavor so it that even sounds off putting, get a little sample first. The broths overall are very good, not just a copy cat of every Pho joint you see springing up. Pho takes time to do it right. Ox tail bones must be simmered slowly for a long time. If you boil it hard, you get a cloudy broth and muddied flavor, trust me. The Bun choices (cold rice noodle with your choice of meat and fresh lettuce, cucumber, cilantro/mint mix) are varied and you can get the warm rice versions of the same. What is unique is the "other" dishes you can get here that are not also rans but serious staples -- Cashew Nut Chicken, Crispy Salmon, Viet style Beef Stew -- Holy smokes you have to try them. To date, I've sampled about 50% of their menu and I am a regular. There are at least 5 Viet restaurants closer so when it comes down to Pho, we Tango.

Also: Try the spring rolls -- very good and authentically Vietnamese. You can skip on the salad rolls unless you need to chew on something vegetarian like.

- Johnny D.

Pho Tango has wonderful food and service. Not only do they have the best salad rolls I've ever had but the pho is always amazing. The service is the best as well. Last time I ate here the accidentally charged me for shrimp in my pho so they ran out to the car to catch me and give me my extra 3 dollars back before I left! Who does that these days? I would highly recommend eating here.
- Ash A.

Pho Tango opened up close to 2 years ago. It was a great location for where I worked at the time, to go on my lunch breaks. Love the meatball Pho and also the Vermecelli Rice Noodles dishes with the grilled pork and shrimp. The portions are huge so you may not necessarily need to have an appetizer unless you know you'll be taking leftovers home. The Salad rolls are a personal favorite of mine as well. Love the peanut sauce! Friendly staff and they serve rather quickly as well.
- Suzie J.

We really liked the food here it tasted fresh and you get a good amount of food for a good price. The shrimp fried rice that I ordered had a good amount of shrimp in it
The Thai iced tea was great too.

- Alba R.

I have never had a bad dish here! The pho is flavorful, rice dishes are authentic and the vermicelli bowls are delish! A little busy during lunch time but worth the short wait.
- Ashley D.

Delicious! Everything is fresh and just so delicious! I love the service and well priced as well.

- Rosela B.

great service and you get your food super fast. I have never heard of unlimited thai ice tea but this where you get it!
- Cat L.

I still can believe no matter how many times I come in the service is still the the same. Wonderful service with a smile. I ordered something different and the food came out quick and the food was superb. I'm still looking at the pho challenge bowl and wondering if I should even try the next challenge up, the green bowl. We shall see. Thanks and keep up the great work.
- Vin C.

This is by far the best Pho in Oregon!!!

The portions are big. The broth stays hot long time. The service it's very good and super fast! I eat here at least once a week with my family. I don't feel dehydrated after I eat here. If I eat pho in Portland or Beaverton, I'll have to stop by 7/11 to get a Gatorade! Our kids love it here too, that makes dinner choice easier.

Go early for lunch hours as they are full by 11:45.
- Food G.

Love their broth and prices are good but not too pricey. They have all sorts of dishes to go with pho, but usually I just go there for pho with friends. Service is usually fast and well, so definitely no complaints there.
- Jae K.

Free refills on Thai tea! Not many places have that. I had four glasses of it in one sitting! The pho is delicious and reasonably priced. It's less than 50 cents to upgrade to a large bowl, and if you're feeling especially hungry you can take the pho challenge. If you can eat a giant bowl of pho in an hour it's free. The atmosphere and the service is great. I never liked pho before but I'm becoming a regular.
- Michelle L.

This is my favorite Pho place, it's very clean. And the wait is never too long. The staff is friendly and prices are normal range. The interior of the restaurant is relaxing.

My favorite order is

40. Spicy Noodle Soup - Bun Bo Hue

Round rice noodles, beef shank, slices of cha lua in spicy lemongrass beef broth

It's not too spicy but it's refreshing with the fresh veggies and it has the perfect mixture of beef, chicken, and some type of delish tofu or fish cake or another.

If soup is not your deal, the bbq selection or the bowls are super delish too. You will not go home hungry as the amount of food that you get is filling, I always have left overs.

They also have a variety of different kinds of Asian platters, ranging from Thai to Chinese if you're not in the mood for Vietnamese. And that should make the whole family happy :).

- Loves Baby Tiger S.

Love this place! The staff are very friendly, great customer service and fast. I generally get the grilled salmon over brown rice with an avocado smoothie. Thats a good meal right there. 🙂
- Stephen M.

2/14, time for a review update.

Pho Tango is still my number one favorite Vietnamese and Pho Restaurant. We make the 20 minute drive as often as possible, because their food is that good! They have added some new menu items and they are all delicious. I especially like the Orange Chicken and the Vietnamese Beef Stew, YUM! Their Spring Rolls are still my favorite, even better than my own and that is saying something!

They are quite busy and there is a darn good reason for that. If you want amazing Pho make the trip!
- Cheryl D.

The pho here is absolutely amazing! The vegetarian pho is made with actual vegetable broth and the vegetables were so fresh and crunchy- not soggy. The tofu was a little bland but the broth was so delicious. The mint was also very fresh and they give you a lot of it. The vegetarian springs rolls were a fair size and really fresh. The peanut sauce was authentic and even had chunks of peanuts in it! The atmosphere was calm and the seats are very comfortable. It doesn't look at all like a hole in the wall and the people were very friendly and always served water right when my glass was about to be empty!

Overall it was a great experience and if I lived in Oregon, I would come often. I don't give places 5 stars very often but this place deserves it.

- Cesar C.

My new favorite Pho place! My friend has been wanting me to try this for so long. I have to admit that I was skeptical of driving clear out to Hillsboro. But she was right; it was worth it.

The atmosphere was comfortable, the service was good, and the Pho was great. It's rare to find that delicate combination of tasty broth, tender meat, fresh veggies and the perfect amount of noodles. Pho Tango did it, though. And their lemongrass pork was seasoned perfectly. Plus, the bowl was big. And if you want ginormous, try the Pho Challenge! The German swim team could do laps in that thing!
- Timothy R.

This is my go to place for pho and Vietnamese plates. I love the seafood egg noodle soup and the grilled lemon grass pork here. The staff are very attentive and very nice. One of the things that keep me coming back is that this restaurant is clean and doesn't smell bad when you walk in. My wife's favorite place in Hillsboro/Beaverton.
- Jes L.

Great quite place to eat at. Haven't come across anything here that was bad its all been good so far.
- Kathleen S.

Fresh Rolls, Maple Chicken, Beef Pho'... it's all so good! They do not use MSG in their Pho' like most Vietnamese restuarants do. And the veggies are extrememly fresh and I wouldn't be surprised if they were organic. yummy!
- Zoe Z.

I really love this place. The service is quick and the food is consistently good. My favorite is the Lemongrass Chicken Bun with lots of hot oil.

The portions are good and the veggies are crisp and fresh. The chicken is well seasoned and the noodles are done just right. This place does attract a huge lunch crowd and you can stand for a while so I recommend after 1pm or evening.

I have tried the Pho here but after my wife made it at home, no others can match!

- Visited September 1, 2014

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Decided to stop in for dinner one evening and were not disappointed! The place itself is in a good location next to Fred Meyer off the freeway. The inside is cute and good sized. There was no wait and place was pretty crowded. Our server was great! We ordered the spring rolls to start and they were excellent. The shrimp tasted fresh. I had the Pork bun #24 and it was great! Everything was fresh. Large bowl and priced great. I will definitely come back here. This will be my place to go for Vietnamese food!

- Visited September 2014

After moving to Oregon, my daughter and I were in search of some good pho. We found it at Pho Tango. The restaurant is easy to reach, being very close to Sunset Hwy (Route 26). The service was good and the Pho was very good. It had a slightly sweet flavor and was packed full of meat, vegetables and noodles. We will definitely visit again!

- Visited April 2014

Very neat and efficient place. Fast and friendly service. Huge portions with great taste for a very reasonable price.

- Daniel F

I love me some Vietnamese food and this place is pretty good. It is always busy and filled with all kinds of people. The prices are very reasonable and you get a ton of food. The location is great although parking can be tricky. Will definitely be back the next time I am in Portland. I had the spicy cashew chicken 1 day and the Vietnamese beef stew the next. Both of them were fantastic.
- Stephen W

this is one of best Vietnamese restaurants in town. I had been there several times and enjoyed the food and service. they even had home made Mooncake that's also yummy and high quality. highly recommended.
- don10

Ordered the bun to-go one evening while staying at a nearby hotel. The restaurant is in a strip mall near a Safeway and other retail. The food was quickly prepared and delicious. I'll return to try other things on the menu.
- dmresource

Drove back from Seattle, first stop Pho Tango, order #22 pork bun..a wonderful vietnamese staple dish of rice noodles, veggies and pork. add their special sauce blend and little sriracha sauce and mmmmmm....clean restaurant, prompt and friendly service....

- gy820
Oahu, Hawaii

Love the pho (Soup) and the Orange Tango Chicken. I like almost everything they have. The service is excellent. Everyone knows you when you walk in and are super friendly. Amy (Owner) always come out to say hi and see if everything was good. I could eat in this place daily..
- scarpa1977
Portland, Oregon

I've been in Hillsboro on business just a couple of times and after my first visit I will always make it a point to eat at Pho Tango! The food is excellent, service is great and it's a nice casual atmosphere.
- Jayne P
Pheonix, AZ

I would eat here all the time if I lived nearby. Healthy, fresh meat, rice and veggies...vegetarian available. Less than $10 per person for a meal. Pleasant, friendly atmosphere.
- OutdoorBoomer
Kennewick, Washington

I reached the restaurant well before noon on a Monday and it was already 3/4 packed. The restaurant had lots of windows and was clean and bright. Order the House Special pho and the soup was pretty good. The service was quick and efficient. If you are going as a group you might want to carpool since there were not enough parking spaces and cars were parking everywhere by the time we left.
- AllisonEthanDad

During my visit to Portland recently, I happen to come across Pho Tango which was impressed me with the decoration inside was simple and easy. the service was extraordinary fast, friendly service and state of the art communication with the kitchen to provide quick turn around time for the order. Food was authentic and delicious. I really enjoy my first visit to Pho Tango.
- sun10dude
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I live in So Cal, where PHO restaurants are in abundance. This is my first time visiting Portland, and I must say being at PHO TANGO was a refreshing experience. The first thing that scored point with me was its cleanliness; the restaurant is exceptionally clean and bright, the decoration is easy on the eyes making it relaxing while you wait for your order; next is its very friendly, courteous, and QUICK service; and BEST of all, the food itself. Everything is flavorful, fresh and delicious. Try not just the noodle soups, which is fantastic, but also the spring rolls, the rice noodles, the desserts. Loved the varieties on the menu.
- LakeForestPrincess4
Lake Forest

On a recent trip to Portland from Seattle, my family and I are pleasantly supprised to find a nice and clean restaurant with many great authentic Vietnamese dishes. In addition to delicous Pho, we highly recommend "Bun Bo Hue" which is just as good as the most authentic central Hue restaurant in California. The price by far will not burst your fine dining budget compare to similar restaurant like "Boom Noodle House" in Bellevue, Washington. We highly recommended this place.
- Sammamish61

I love Pho, I usually go for flavor, but Tango got it all: authentic flavor, friendly service, good family atmosphere, reasonable price and cleanliness was beyond expectation.

- whitewaterlily

I've been to many Vietnamese restaurant in Portland but Pho Tango by far is one of the best place for noodle soup "PHO". The menu of "Pho" is extensive and it all tastes so great. Besides the noodle soup dishes, they have spring rolls, rice dishes (Bun), and a variety of salad and appetizers for very reasonable prices.

This place looked very clean. The decor was sort of simple but trendy. There were big windows all around with a lot of light. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of food and service at the restaurant and want to come back again. I think this would be a good place for lunch with your co-workers because of prompt service and very in-expensive for a lunch compared with other places.

If you are working around the area and looking for a good taste asian restaurant for a quick 1-hour lunch, clean and in-expensive, you own it to yourself to try out Pho Tango!

- vuluongchitam
Portland OR

This is a favorite restaurant of mine. The service is outstanding; excellent work staff waits on the tables with state of the art communications to the kitchen and then the kitchen staff is very quick at preparing the food. I especially like the healthy dishes Pho Tango offers. Their curry is some of the best around.
- caravatta
Hillsboro, Oregon

The quality of the food is amazing, the ingredients are all fresh and very flavorfull and the service is welcoming and very professional.

- wheels75
Lake OSwego, OR

I have been looking Vietnamese food in this area, Pho Tango has the best taste and friendly service. I go there at least twice a week.
- benelsa

Favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town

The foods are delicious and the price is good ! I always order the lemon grass pork, with vegetables, shrimp and rice. My husband loves the vermicelli bowl with lemon grass pork. Very consistent and good amount of food. The people there are all nice and good service over all.

- Visited October 11, 2014

This restaurant offers fresh and delicious food at a really good value. They have a wonderful Mob and Tuesday meal special - save money! The owners and the staff are so hospitable. Go do the Pho Tango! Say hi to Paing, the sweet lady who checks in on you! Oh and they have two fab flat screen TVs for events!!

- Daniel

Pho Tango has a very friendly staff. The portion sizes are generous. The pho has a very wholesome, healthy taste. I know I'm not eating a bowl of oily soup full of MSG like other places. I brought relatives from out-of-state and we know our pho. They said they loved this place, even over the pho restaurants in California. WILL COME BACK FOR SURE.

- George

Great restaurant
Great food
Great and ever-growing menu
Fast Service
Habit-forming delectables
What more could you ask for?
- Dick Van Horn

The food is true Vietnamese taste with a modern touch. Must try the Pho and Spicy Beef noodle.
We eat at this restaurant twice per week!
The environent is clean and Urban look.
Our favorite of all Vietnamese restaurants.
- Pho Tango's Regular Customer